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Why stream?

Video on social media produces 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

Facebook live has been one of the huge success stories of recent years. It allows real-time interaction with your audience and delivers higher reach and more engagement than any other format. Do you want to reach more people on your social media channels? If so, live video is the way to do this. And it's cheaper and more reliable than SEO and PPC.

If you have noticed that engagement has dropped on Facebook for text and image posts, it's due to a recent algorithm change. The good news is Facebook actively encourages live video so followers get a notification that you are live and the platform will continue trying to build an audience the whole time you are on!

78% of online audiences are already watching video on Facebook Live.

These numbers tell their own story: If you are not live streaming already, you are missing out! 

Of course, producing quality live video is incredibly important to consumers - 90% think this is the most important aspect of Facebook Live videos - which is why we stream in HD720p, the highest Facebook and other live streaming services accept - plus we add in pro-audio, branded content and multi-camera views for good measure. 

Professional live-streaming has not been affordable for businesses before now - we've changed that - so let's talk! 

Why streeem?

I love live video. It's clear, direct and can tell your customers more about you and give your audience better access to you than any other media form: That's why I created Streeem.

I didn't set out with this vision to compete with the big service providers with their big equipment and big teams working on big budgets for big companies: I set out to create an affordable live-streaming service that delivered a high-quality product and that's accessible by businesses of ALL sizes. I wanted to create a service I would be willing to and could afford to use. 

I have a real passion for small business and innovation: I love seeing the development of a business as it finds it's voice and grows a customer base and I love the notion that, through better video, a more comprehensive marketing plan and a willingness to push outside of a comfort zone, business owners and and marketeers can achieve more, for less.

The kit and technology I have invested in has been considered on merit and selected for functionality, reliability and portability and I've gone down the route of iPhones as cameras since the devices perform so well and have such incredible technology in them.  

Our entire 9 camera live kit breaks down into 2 cases and a few stands that fit in the boot of a car and we can be up and running on site in as little as 15 minutes. Operationally, 6 of our cameras run on fully remote controlled pan and tilt gimbals so we don't need loads of people - most jobs we do only need one person to run it - the audio is mostly wireless and the entire system is battery powered: It can run for about 14 hours if you need it to! Smaller team and reduced setup time equals lower cost.

Resolution wise, we can stream in 720HD, matching the maximum Facebook allows and that most systems several times larger and more expensive than ours offer and we can simultaneously record in 1080 or even 4K: Another benefit - The system we use to live stream will also record, so if you want to film something 'live', 'as live' or even fully pre-recorded, we'll use the same kit - it massively reduces editing time and, in most cases, we can deliver a finished product between same-day and 48 hours. Lower edit time equals lower cost - and the quality doesn't change! 

The use for our system is limited only by what you can think of: Awards ceremonies, training, meetings, staff briefing, CPD, education, presentations, product demos - literally anything.

I love what I do and I'd love to work with you. Give me a call on 07989 555775 and let's chat. 

Dominic Compagnone, Owner 

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