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Thank Candice Payne…

The reason I am writing this is partly due to Candice Payne. If you don’t remember her from 2016, you will in just a second. She’s the ‘simple joys’ mum. You know, the one with the Chewbacca mask that filmed herself in her car wearing it and laughing hysterically.

I reference her a little over 2 years on because she the first Facebook Live viral video. And more than put an enormous smile on the faces of millions of people all over the world in a matter of days, she gave Facebook Live a huge kickstart.

What happened in the time since that video is that people recognised the power of live video: Facebook continue to develop bigger and better features and third-party companies have been formed from the growing need for bigger and better functionality. It’s a monster: And it’s not going anywhere.

In August 2017, I noticed I was being asked more frequently by customers how they could use Facebook live to stream even better content. They wanted titles and graphic overlays and all sorts and, while there was technology out there – it was not what smaller businesses would class as affordable.

So, I set out to find the solution. I searched, trawled and researched everything but drew a blank. Working for a software development company at the time, I had started to consider scoping out my own system and having my team build it… I paused here.

Fast forward a few months to January 2018. I got a nasty dose of Australian Flu – I was wiped out for the best part of 3 weeks. In the last few days of that illness, I had decided I needed to do something about the video business and was about to scope out my own system. I carried out one final search and, to my amazement, found what I had been looking for. An iOS based app for multi-camera streaming to ALL the biggest social channels. Bingo.

Skip forward a few more months. the software business firmly in the past, I’m now full time on the development of this business: Streeem. I have invested heavily in the technology I wanted in order to really take the software that powers it and push it to it’s limits.

To the time of writing this, we are the only company in the UK who has invested in this system and associated technology – and that’s not because there’s no need to have done so – we just got here first.

Candace Payne brought joy to the hearts and faces of millions of people. Our mission is simple: deliver solutions and services that enable you to ‘engage everyone everywhere’. Live video has that power: OUR live video allows you to brand the content (logo on the screen, for example), input pro-audio (no more crackles or accidental mic covers’, add in additional video and ads, images, music and animated titles AND we can do all of this live, pre-recorded or BOTH – and the greatest part – whichever you choose of those options, it doesn’t cost a single penny more.

If you want a demo of our system or you want to talk about an idea for how you could use it, drop me an email to and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Dominic Compagnone, July 2018

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