darc Awards

A new show from our very first client

Today, we are delighted to announced that we have been selected to both stream and record the annual darc awards, architectural: An awards ceremony that celebrates and recognises the best in lighting design. The second job for our very first client!

Taking place on Thursday 6th December, the darc Awards will be attended by a global list of industry professionals and, for those who can't make it but still want to be a part of it, will be streamed to Facebook and YouTube channels simultaneously. The venue is an 8,000 sq/ft industrial warehouse now used as location for a variety of events, films and ads, in South London.

(Click an image to open the gallery below.)

The awards will be broadcast on multiple Facebook pages as well as the Light Collective TV YouTube channel, from 7:20pm on Thursday 6th December.

For more information about the darc wards, please visit www.darcawards.com or, to watch the show live, click here

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