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We are the first video production company in the UK to use ONLY iPhone and the iOS platform to shoot and produce live-stream and social video. Is this a big deal, you may ask? Yes, it is.... and here's why...

We wanted to develop a video production system that focussed on three key areas: Quality, mobility and affordability. Our key differentiator - the fact that we ONLY use iPhones - is enabled by technology that's only been available a short time. Prior to that, the only option open to business of all sizes was large cameras, sometimes big production crew and, with both of those, comes a cost that a lot of businesses simply couldn't afford. Add in to the equation that big kit requires big transport and, well, we thought we could do better... so we did!

We can produce video in resolutions from 720HD (for live video, this is the maximum Facebook allows) and for as-live and pre-recorded, we can shoot in 1080 and even 4K if you want it! We add in on-screen branding, titles, trailers, graphics, b-roll video, music if you want it, and, of course make sure the audio is spot on - and when you bring it all together, we have the 'quality' covered.

Using iPhones for cameras means space needed to carry them around is minimal. Our entire production system has been designed to be ultra mobile: In most instances, every item we need to come and shoot a video on your premises - including cameras, connectivity, audio, lighting, stands, batteries and accessories - will fit in one bag. Everything we need to shoot a 9 camera, multi-room event, fits in two cases in the boot of car and set up time is as little as 15 minutes. Mobility - done.

By making the kit ultra-mobile, we can travel light: Plane, train or car - no problem - it's much cheaper to transport our case than it is a lorry of kit! By investing in remote controlled camera technology, we need fewer people than is typical of production companies: Most small to medium shoots will only need one person, for example - it makes it more affordable if we don't need a team. Finally, the way we produce videos is vital to the whole system - the software that enables us to bring all the cameras, branding, and audio together runs on an iPad and we use the same system to record video AND stream live...and if you want to do both at the same time - you can. This saves edit time and man power and therefore makes the whole process more affordable. Affordability - done.

The investment we've made in technology means it's now possible for you to go live OR record a video with branded, multi-camera, pro-audio output at a price you can afford. There isn't a single business that couldn't benefit from what we do



Live-stream video to Facebook, YouTube or most other social channels - or all of them at once!

Pre-recorded with minimal editing required or recorded 'as live' without the pressure of being live!

We can assist in developing scripts for videos or copywriting in general


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15 hours ago


Managing events, whether that’s in-person, online or hybrid combos, takes work - and a lot of it! It's easy to pick up bad habits from time to time!

Everyone has room for improvement so here’s our top 5 habits you should think about switching up for continued growth and event efficiency:

🔧 Assigning people without the correct skillset
As you begin building your event to-do list, start assessing what team members are best suited to which jobs. Assign your team based on their strengths, not on capacity or assumptions.

⚖️ Taking on an unrealistic workload
You’re good at your job but don’t let taking on too much single-handedly, hinder your ability to deliver in terms of quality service. Communicate with your team and delegate appropriately so you keep your workload manageable.

🌪️ Too many distractions
Keeping all the different spinning plates going can be draining and your working style can be a huge influence on how productive you are. To help manage your time and focus, try block off specific times for different tasks e.g. responding to emails, phoning suppliers, arranging equipment etc.

⏱️ Staying stuck in old routines
Doing what you’ve always done is easy and comfortable but is it giving you the best possible outcome and ROI? Unlikely. Staying stuck in old-fashioned ways can drain you of energy, time and money that you can’t afford to waste so stay up-to-date and take advantage of new-age digital technology to maximise efficiency.

💰 Mismanaging your budget
Do your research before making a big investment. Weighing up your options and the pros and cons of choosing higher-price options versus cheaper routes will give you a balanced perspective and reduce the chance of making impulsive decisions that may work against you in the long-run.

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5 days ago


Picture this: Covid-19 emerged on the scene, event planners managed a complete 360 pivot to virtual events whilst still managing to crank out some impressive and innovative content.

Sounds pretty impressive and plain-sailing, right? ⛵

Whilst many of us have used these past few months to master the art of creating awesome online experiences, there is always one area that causes many of us to still stumble - bad technology.

Nothing kills an engaged online atmosphere like live stream lag. The good news is that your ongoing battle with jolty presentations, bad connections and lagging videos can be easily remedied with a few simple tricks of the trade.

Here are our top 3️⃣ tips on preparing your presenters for a lag-free live stream production:

👑 Content will always be king
You’ve heard it before but your content needs to be engaging, attractive and interactive to reduce audience fatigue.

💼 Dress like you mean business
Dress smartly so you feel your best when presenting to your audience.

🎙️ Double-check your tech
Tech mishaps can be inevitable at times but ensure you test and check to minimise any potential problems beforehand.

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6 days ago


When it comes to eventually reactivating #meetings and #events in a safe environment, are you thinking about the 3 R’s?

• Reassure
• Reconnect
• Regenerate

DW Live #35 - Join Dana Lewis, Accor Group's Director of Meetings, Event & Leisure Northern Europe along with the The Delegate Wranglers Ltd, Streeem and EventsCase to find out why these three things are of key importance.

🗓️ Thursday 22 October 2020
⏰ 1.30pm (UK Time)

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7 days ago


Event breaks are a great way to take some time out, recollect your thoughts and recharge but they can also become an integral part of your overall event experience if you utilise them effectively.

Here’s how!

💨 Speed networking
The virtual event’s answer to speed dating. Encourage attendees to get interacting and chatting to others through quick 1-on-1 video chats. You can even make it more interesting by giving shout-outs, awards or prizes to those who talk to the most people or can remember the most facts about those they’ve spoken to.

🕺 Shake it off - Taylor Swift style
Online events are all about listening, learning, sitting and taking note but movement can also be a big part of the learning process. Encourage attendees to get moving and energised for the next session in the form of a virtual class such as yoga, dance break or up-your-steps challenge.

🎲 Let the games begin!
Integrating some fun in the form of gamification is an easy way to keep your audience interested and engaged in between sessions. Think virtual bingo, trivia contests, or game-style quiz competitions.

🤣 Let the jokes roll
Remember how great you felt last time you had a good old belly laugh? Get your audience chuckling by having a comedian or stand-up comedy show in-between breaks; the change of scenery will help break any built-up stress and tension and reinvigorate the attention of your audience.

🍳 What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
Concentrating is hungry work. With most of your audience in reach of a kitchen in some way or another, why not try something different by running a virtual cooking class in one of your breaks to encourage interaction. With more fuel in their tanks, attendees will feel motivated and ready for any upcoming talks.

Have you stumbled upon any other innovative virtual breaks ideas to entertain and excite your audience? Let us know in the comments below 👇

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DW Live #36 - Can Switzerland offer more than just being expensive?
with Bettina Mumenthaler - Head of the Switzerland Convention Bureau in the UK and Ireland
Mon 26 Oct from 1.30pm
DW members:

Virtual events take a look of work to organise and manage so you'd be forgiven if you picked up one or two bad habits along the way.

Here’s our top 5 habits you should think about switching up for continued growth and event efficiency 💡

#Eventprofs #Virtual #VideoProduction

A great Friday morning read by Marco Giberti, Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures on why the collaboration between tech tools and virtual platforms should be great news instead of challenges or threats 🔽

#EventProduction #EventProfs #Eventtech

There is always one area that causes many of us to still stumble - bad technology.

Our top 3️⃣ tips for a lag-free live stream production:

👑 Content will always be king
💼 Dress like you mean business
🎙️ Double-check your tech

#Eventprofs #LiveStreaming

When it comes to eventually reactivating #events safely, are you thinking about the 3 R’s?

• Reassure
• Reconnect
• Regenerate

Find out why this Thursday at 1.30pm on the next @Del_Wranglers live show with @Accor’s Dana Lewis! 👏

#eventtech #eventprofs #eventplanner

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