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We are the first video production company in the UK to use ONLY iPhone and the iOS platform to shoot and produce live-stream and social video. Is this a big deal, you may ask? Yes, it is.... and here's why...

We wanted to develop a video production system that focussed on three key areas: Quality, mobility and affordability. Our key differentiator - the fact that we ONLY use iPhones - is enabled by technology that's only been available a short time. Prior to that, the only option open to business of all sizes was large cameras, sometimes big production crew and, with both of those, comes a cost that a lot of businesses simply couldn't afford. Add in to the equation that big kit requires big transport and, well, we thought we could do better... so we did!

We can produce video in resolutions from 720HD (for live video, this is the maximum Facebook allows) and for as-live and pre-recorded, we can shoot in 1080 and even 4K if you want it! We add in on-screen branding, titles, trailers, graphics, b-roll video, music if you want it, and, of course make sure the audio is spot on - and when you bring it all together, we have the 'quality' covered.

Using iPhones for cameras means space needed to carry them around is minimal. Our entire production system has been designed to be ultra mobile: In most instances, every item we need to come and shoot a video on your premises - including cameras, connectivity, audio, lighting, stands, batteries and accessories - will fit in one bag. Everything we need to shoot a 9 camera, multi-room event, fits in two cases in the boot of car and set up time is as little as 15 minutes. Mobility - done.

By making the kit ultra-mobile, we can travel light: Plane, train or car - no problem - it's much cheaper to transport our case than it is a lorry of kit! By investing in remote controlled camera technology, we need fewer people than is typical of production companies: Most small to medium shoots will only need one person, for example - it makes it more affordable if we don't need a team. Finally, the way we produce videos is vital to the whole system - the software that enables us to bring all the cameras, branding, and audio together runs on an iPad and we use the same system to record video AND stream live...and if you want to do both at the same time - you can. This saves edit time and man power and therefore makes the whole process more affordable. Affordability - done.

The investment we've made in technology means it's now possible for you to go live OR record a video with branded, multi-camera, pro-audio output at a price you can afford. There isn't a single business that couldn't benefit from what we do



Live-stream video to Facebook, YouTube or most other social channels - or all of them at once!

Pre-recorded with minimal editing required or recorded 'as live' without the pressure of being live!

We can assist in developing scripts for videos or copywriting in general


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3 days ago


We’ve been filming all day at Confex - this picture was taken during a fascinating panel discussion on Sustainability at events. Content curated by Hire Space, filmed by us. All with iPhones. As per. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago


*** Big News ***

When I started Streeem, it was always with the intention of growth. Considerable growth.

In our first 18 months, I’ve been delighted and humbled to work with some incredible clients on some truly epic projects and, while starting a business and keeping it going is always a challenge full of highs and lows, fundamentally, I’ve founded a business that has longevity and the opportunity to scale.

One of our clients is the team behind the rapidly growing, world-renowned B2B Sales community, SaaS Growth: Sales Confidence. Their CEO, James Ski is really pushing the growth of the business and has enormous targets and an incredible vision for where his business can and will go.

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership: With immediate effect, Streeem becomes the official media partner of Sales Confidence. In addition to running Streeem, I am joining James and his team as Head of Production and will be overseeing all video, podcast and photography content. I’ll be helping James develop and adopt production processes that will enable and support his scaling of the Sales Confidence brand and associated businesses. In return, James will help me scale and grow Streeem to help me reach my goals for the business over the coming years.

Sales Confidence stands in it’s own right and Streeem stands in it’s own right but, by working together, leveraging skillsets, resources and experience, James and I have a far greater ability to drive our businesses and grow them as we know they can.

To support things my side, I’m also delighted to announce that Ed Bantock who has been working with me an increasing amount since we first met in June last year, is coming on board full time with immediate effect as Content Producer.

Ed has proven himself to be an incredible asset to the business and I’m delighted to welcome him in officially as employee number 1! He’s going to be dedicating a portion of his time to working on content for the Sales Confidence brands and the rest will be working along side me to build Streeem.

It’s a massive day for me - I’m hugely grateful to James for his support, Ed for agreeing to come on board and all those clients we’ve worked with to date that have enabled my crazy idea - to build the UKs first iPhone only multi-camera live stream and event video production company - to find it’s feet and establish itself as a credible and viable alternative to ‘big kit’ production companies.


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3 weeks ago


We love our new sign for the office!

Black Matt aluminium with offset mirrored acrylic lettering.

Thanks to V & C Designs in Battle for creating it for us!
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4 weeks ago


In December, we went to Dubai with a client. We shot an awful lot of footage and have made a lot of videos. This is another one of them.

This one is extra special however, as our very own Ed took one for the team and played the lead role in this. He was Chief Water-Slider! 

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1 month ago


We pride ourselves on producing top-quality videos all the time... OK, nearly all the time!!!! This is just a little test of our hastily-assembled green screen and the incredibly valuable content we're able to produce in our studio!! 😂

(and Pros, yeah, we know the keying isn't great - it wasn't supposed to be!)
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Filming a packed panel debate on Sustainable Events on the Exclusively London Pavilion at @IntlConfex at @ExCeLLondon

Twitter friends - had a location setup for the recording of 2 podcasts this afternoon but it’s fallen through. Can anyone help 12-4?

The Superhero episode of Data Lounge from @AltiusData is here. Tune in to see @AlejoSQL throw some real curveball references to superheroes that we had to find a way to edit in post. Oh and stick with it to the end to see our favourite part...

Most of the time we produce top-quality content.

This is not one of those times! 😂😂

I’m in Spain. I’m in Dubai. I’m in New York 😂

Followers can only hope for more stuff like this!!! #influencer


Hey @CircleloopHQ is it only possible to make international calls on your unlimited plan?

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