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We are the first video production company in the UK to use ONLY iPhone and the iOS platform to shoot and produce live-stream and social video. Is this a big deal, you may ask? Yes, it is.... and here's why...

We wanted to develop a video production system that focussed on three key areas: Quality, mobility and affordability. Our key differentiator - the fact that we ONLY use iPhones - is enabled by technology that's only been available a short time. Prior to that, the only option open to business of all sizes was large cameras, sometimes big production crew and, with both of those, comes a cost that a lot of businesses simply couldn't afford. Add in to the equation that big kit requires big transport and, well, we thought we could do better... so we did!

We can produce video in resolutions from 720HD (for live video, this is the maximum Facebook allows) and for as-live and pre-recorded, we can shoot in 1080 and even 4K if you want it! We add in on-screen branding, titles, trailers, graphics, b-roll video, music if you want it, and, of course make sure the audio is spot on - and when you bring it all together, we have the 'quality' covered.

Using iPhones for cameras means space needed to carry them around is minimal. Our entire production system has been designed to be ultra mobile: In most instances, every item we need to come and shoot a video on your premises - including cameras, connectivity, audio, lighting, stands, batteries and accessories - will fit in one bag. Everything we need to shoot a 9 camera, multi-room event, fits in two cases in the boot of car and set up time is as little as 15 minutes. Mobility - done.

By making the kit ultra-mobile, we can travel light: Plane, train or car - no problem - it's much cheaper to transport our case than it is a lorry of kit! By investing in remote controlled camera technology, we need fewer people than is typical of production companies: Most small to medium shoots will only need one person, for example - it makes it more affordable if we don't need a team. Finally, the way we produce videos is vital to the whole system - the software that enables us to bring all the cameras, branding, and audio together runs on an iPad and we use the same system to record video AND stream live...and if you want to do both at the same time - you can. This saves edit time and man power and therefore makes the whole process more affordable. Affordability - done.

The investment we've made in technology means it's now possible for you to go live OR record a video with branded, multi-camera, pro-audio output at a price you can afford. There isn't a single business that couldn't benefit from what we do



Live-stream video to Facebook, YouTube or most other social channels - or all of them at once!

Pre-recorded with minimal editing required or recorded 'as live' without the pressure of being live!

We can assist in developing scripts for videos or copywriting in general


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Creating an engaging and professional live stream is no easy feat. Containing many moving parts, nailing the pre-show setup can make the eventual payoff huge! 📽️

With our experience at Streeem of running weekly live shows for a variety of industry clients, here are six of our pre-show tricks to help create a stress-free live show setup:

1️⃣ Keep setup simple
The more pieces of equipment you add to the mix, the more complicated the equation becomes. Strip it back to minimise the risk of technical issues.

2️⃣ Topic generation comes with experience
Practice makes perfect and the more you interact with your audiences, the more you’ll understand what topics and pain points resonate with them.

3️⃣ Test your stream with a backup account
Testing your stream beforehand with a backup private account is good practice to implement. It enables you to view your broadcast from the perspective of your audience and make changes before it goes live.

4️⃣ Have backup equipment available
Just with every event, there is a chance that your equipment could fail - no matter how robust it may seem. Play it safe and carry backups.

5️⃣ Budget extra time for audio
Often overlooked, audio makes or breaks an event and can differentiate between a professional experience and an amateur one. Give yourself ample time to test, test and test again.

6️⃣ Double check bandwidth availability
Upload speed is everything so get testing! Having a consistent bandwidth upload will ensure your live stream is viewable to your audience so take the time to get to know the network you’re working with.

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Darc were our very first client back in 2018 and this is our third year of producing the livestream for them - this year, with a bit of a twist.

2 streams, 3 days, one live host with us, one remote host, 47 speakers and over 1000 attendees - so far!

DARC ROOM - thanks for having us back and thanks to Light Collective for bringing us onboard in the first place!WOW! 👀 We have officially welcomed more than 1000 attendees through our virtual doors at #darcroomlivestream! The spirit of the lighting industry is alive and kicking! 💡 Thank you for your support! 💗

cc. ARC Magazine darc magazine Light Collective

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Creating an engaging live stream is no easy feat. Containing many moving parts, nailing the pre-show setup can make the eventual payoff huge!

Here are 6️⃣ of our pre-show tricks to help create a stress-free live show setup!

#EventProfs #VirtualEvents #EventProduction

Hey @rodemics who can we contact with a firmware feature suggestion for the Rodecaster Pro?

From Speakers to Sound Systems and everything in between…

Catch the latest DW episode with the @Del_Wranglers where we talk all about how to keep your online content and the people who deliver it engaging! 🔥

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Meet Out to Help Out, the incentive scheme for the business events industry proposed by @venuedirectory.

With restrictions increasing, does this make the reintroduction of in-person events a possible reality or just a pining hope? 🤔


We’re throwing it 🔙 this Tuesday when we were joined by Mia Butler on the @Del_Wranglers live show giving the low down on why #video is a must-have #sales tool.

Wanting to level up your video skills for what’s left of 2020 then hit ▶️


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